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"I think one of the most important things that could happen as a step toward the unity for the entire Orthodox community in America would be for the OCA and the self ruled Antiochian Archdiocese to come together into a single synod of bishops, a single church so that we can pursue together that common mission...we need to completely unify our efforts." ��
Metropolitan Jonah, SVS Conference 06/20/09

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Thursday June 18 7:30 PM
Fr. Alexander Garklavs
True Faith and the Ground of Liberty
St. Tikhon and the 1917-1918 Council: Architect and Blueprint for the Orthodox Church in America

Friday June 19 9:00 AM
Fr. Hiacynthe Destivelle
The History of the 1917/18 Council
Friday June 19
Scott Kenworthy
The Limits of Sobornost: The Case of Monastic Reform during the 1917/18 Sobor
Friday June 19
Vera Shevzov
Sobor, Sobornost, and the Problem of the Laity
Friday June 19 2:30 PM
Fr. Kirill Hovorun
Autocephaly: From Canon to Myth

Friday June 19 2:30 PM
Fr. Leonid Kishkovsky
The Tomos of Autocephaly

Saturday June 20 11:00 AM
Bishop Basil of Amphipolis
The Vision of Chalcedon Canon 28

Saturday June 20 11:00 AM
Matthew Namee
The Myth of Past Unity

Saturday June 20 2:00 PM
Metropolitan Jonah
A Vision for Now, on the Basis of History

Saturday June 20 2:00 PM
Question and Answer Period

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Toward a Common Future - Presentation by Charles Ajalat